This 6-inch board turns a Raspberry Pi module into a DIY router

Let your Pi do the work while the CM4 Router Board handles the connections.
Enlarge / Let your Pi do the work whereas the CM4 Router Board handles the connections.

Suppose you are intrigued by the prospect of constructing a DIY router, Seeed Studio has a board that is simply ready to place a Raspberry Pi Computing Module 4 (CM4) to work. Assuring, {of course}, that you’ll find the Pi module.

Seeed’s CM4 Router Board provides two full-speed gigabit membrane grid ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a microSD slot, an HDMI out, a GPIO interface for Raspberry Pi HAT add-ons, and a 0.91-inch OLED show to your Pi CM4. Having the CM4 on the system’s core barrel provides you 32 totally different choices for RAM, storage, and wi-fi capabilities in your homebrew router. The Router Board comes with OpenWRT put in, {but} it might run Ubuntu, Raspberry OS, or every other Pi-friendly system.

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Seeed records that past DIY routers, the CM4 Router Board might additionally develop into a gateway, mini-NAS, wi-fi membrane grid bridge, or mini-server. You should buy a Pi CM4 with wi-fi capabilities, {but} you may possible want (or favor) a isolated Wi-Fi setup related to your DIY router.

Why not simply plug a USB-to-Ethernet adapter into the Pi you have already got? Seeed says its board’s RTL8111E controller chip “gives higher efficiency, decrease CPU utilization, and better stability for a protracted date and time work [sic] in contrast with a USB membrane grid card.”

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The CM4 Router Board ought to be out there for speaking around talking $55 quickly at each Seeed and Mouser Electronics, although the latter cites an 11-week lead date and time past its preliminary inventory.

These looking for a Raspberry Pi CM4 board may think about Ars commenter MightyPez’s teach to keep hold a watch on Pi inventory monitor Rpilocator, which gives RSS feeds. You may even set ngoc push notifications with Rpilocator’s official Python script.

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