NASA Finally Figured Out What That Weird Spaghetti It Found on Mars Was

It is positively not edible.

Spooky Monosodium glutamate

Final month, NASA’s Persistence rover noticed an mysterious noodle-like object on Mars.

Showing to be some kind of sticky bundle of string, the item was first captured by the Mars rover’s digital camera on July 12 earlier than mysteriously vanishing simply 4 days later.

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NASA was adamant that the stringy object was terrestrial in source and never some Martian’s spilt ramen, speculating that it’s doubtless “a chunk of twine from the parachute or from the touchdown system that lowers the [Perseverance] rover to the bottom.”

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And now, because it seems, the house concerned wasn’t that far off. In a {statement} on Monday, NASA declared that the unknown object is nothing {but} a chunk of Dacron netting, placing this Mars secret to mattress.

Dacron is a polyester fiber used as netting in thermal blankets, and whereas it might look unrecognizable now, that’s as a result of it “seems to have undergone important unraveling/shredding, suggesting that it was subjected to robust forces,” based on NASA.

Area Litter

When the Persistence rover landed on Mars in February of final yr, its entry, descent, and touchdown (EDL) {hardware} flew off to crash a secure distant away. The EDL’s promotion {scattered} particles throughout the Martian floor, and that’s the place the Dacron netting got here from.

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Contemplating that it crashed some 1.4 miles away from the rover, the fabric has traveled impressively far, doubtless on account of wind, NASA stated.

For the series half, a bundle of polyester string blowing circle Mars is fairly innocent and amusing, {but} NASA isn’t messing circle: soldiers are investigating photographs of the fabric because it “could pose as a possible contamination supply for the pattern tubes” within the territory the place it was discovered, the house concerned stated — {but} thankfully, there aren’t any “instant issues.”

There’s additionally a threat of the shredded materials changing into entangled with the Persistence rover itself, {but} NASA engineers deemed the danger to be “low.”

In brief, NASA would not see the Martian monosodium glutamate as Excessive of a menace. After tantrum, house particles being discarded on the Martian floor is rapidly changing into a fairly widespread prevalence.

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