Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in life everyday

Technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT) will effectively support the operation of smart homes, bringing many conveniences to users.

Since 1982, the Internet of Things – IoT (Internet of Things) has been applied to the Coca-Cola vending machine and so far has strongly covered many other devices such as dishwashers, cars, robots, etc. Traffic lights… Experts believe that by 2020 there will be 50 devices using IoT data sharing platforms to operate, of which prominent are wearable electronic devices and smart homes.

The UK government predicts that by 2019 69% of homes will be equipped with connected devices and has invested more than £40 million in Internet of Things application research. The solution is nothing too sublime, focusing on providing useful applications in daily life such as using a mobile phone to control the lighting system in the house, turning on the coffee maker, and the microwave oven. ..

Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in life everyday
Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in life everyday

For example, with a normal kettle, just integrating an inexpensive circuit, a sensor and an application for the phone, manufacturers will provide a smart kettle. Thanks to that, users not only cook boiling water even when leaving the house, but also check how much water is left in the tank, the current water temperature.

The IoT device system is also useful for controlling air conditioning, heating, and fan systems when the homeowner is away. In the event of a fire, the sensors will collect data on temperature rise, smoke, proceed to send alarm messages to the host’s phone and automatically turn off the gas and potentially heating devices. .

To do this, it is necessary to build an “ecosystem” of compatible devices. For example, the Nest Learning Thermostat temperature sensor works well with the Nest Protect smoke alarm, or the Lifx smart light bulbs sync with the Nest.

Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in life everyday

Not out of the IoT game, Apple has created a HomeKit ecosystem that allows iPhones to be used to control smart home devices. Samsung also developed the Arctic platform that supports the use of Galaxy phones to operate lights and home security systems. Meanwhile, Microsoft, Sony, Philips and some other major electronics brands use Qualcomm’s AllJoyn system.

Experts say that with the popularity of smartphones, the application of IoT will make our lives easier and more convenient. This is evident in the kitchen appliances, especially the refrigerator. In the past, no one knew what was in the refrigerator until the door was opened. But now just glance at the smartphone screen to know immediately what products are available, where are placed thanks to the built-in camera connected to the mobile application.

Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in life everyday
Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in life everyday

The refrigerator is also equipped with a screen that allows displaying images inside the cabinet, giving reminders of missing foods, connecting to the Internet, listening to music, and supporting a variety of entertainment.

And AEG has launched ProCombi Plus Smart technology, allowing homeowners to control the stove through the iPad app, adjust the temperature or turn off the stove while leisurely watching their favorite TV programs in the living room. .

Brands such as Miele and Bosch are also exploring the Internet of Things, researching and developing smart washing machine systems that support laundry procedures over the phone. When the washing is finished or there are problems with water loss, stop working …, the machine will automatically send a notification message to the user.

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