IoT – How is the Internet of Thing applied in smart homes?

In human life, people always ask questions, are always curious about new things. And it is that curiosity that sometimes brings unexpected ideas. Who among us has ever imagined a life where electronic devices and machines can become man’s best friend.

Now, that has gradually become a reality when IoT technology appears, gradually ‘invading’ the entire world. The application of IoT is most closely associated with the lives of each of us, including smart home models. Today BKAII will learn with you about the presence of IoT in smart homes!

Smart home can be said to be the application of IoT that resonates globally and is the most searched on the Internet with IoT applications . Just imagine when you are not at home, you can still turn off the devices in your home, unlock your friends to enter your house or monitor your assets remotely through the camera system, so it gives us a little more. see the significant benefits of smart homes. Smart homes will help us save time and efforts as well as create a peace of mind about safety.

IoT - How is the Internet of Thing applied in smart homes?


IoT – How is the Internet of Thing applied in smart homes?

Smart home is bringing significant benefits to people’s lives, but owning a smart home costs a lot. In addition, the devices used in smart homes are also extremely expensive because the improvement of technology, product features as well as the production process is quite expensive. If a few years ago users were still afraid of smart phones or the price of smart phones was not small, now smart phones have become an extremely familiar and indispensable device for every person. people and costs for smart phones are also greatly reduced in accordance with each user object. Smart home in the near future will surely become as familiar as smart phones now.

So how is IoT applied in smart homes? Here are some of the most popular applications when adopting IoT in smart home .

Lighting systems.

IoT - How is the Internet of Thing applied in smart homes?


A smart lighting system will save you a lot of time and effort. An LED light system makes it possible for you to turn off or turn on any light in any room without moving a foot, or even when you go out and forget to turn off the light, we can completely You can control these projectors remotely. In a smart home with bright areas that will be turned on and off at a fixed time, for example, outside the gate or garden, you can completely set the timer to automatically operate for the devices without worrying about the time. care about them. So we can comfortably do other tasks without worrying about the garden or the entrance gate not having enough light in the evening when you forget to control them.

Air conditioners, heating systems, water heaters and home appliances.

IoT - How is the Internet of Thing applied in smart homes?


With the feature that it takes time to operate first of home appliances, smart homes will help you completely eliminate that time. If before, you had to wait for the water heater for 10 to 15 minutes or wait for the air conditioning system for a few minutes, now instead of waiting you can start them as soon as you are outside by using smart devices. Smart phone, the closest is smart phone, when you get home you can always use the devices without waiting for them to start up. The devices in smart home always give users the most comfort in the best way. Not only that, the smart home system also helps you save a significant amount of electricity consumption.

Multi-audio entertainment.

IoT - How is the Internet of Thing applied in smart homes?
With a sound system installed to your liking, you can listen to and play music in all areas of your home, or as separate areas as you want. When we are watering the plants in the garden, we can completely listen to our favorite music from the home’s sound system without bringing a music player or smart phone. Moreover, you can completely build your own operating process. Every morning when you wake up, the curtains will be automatically opened and in addition, a melodious good morning music will play. A real smart home will bring maximum comfort to us when all needs are met.

When you own a smart home, you can be assured of the safety of your home. You can completely control the property as well as the activities taking place in the house through the security camera system when you are away from home for a few days.

Smart home system is a smart choice for every family.

Hopefully, the views shared through the above article can help your work as well as your study and research. If you need more information, please leave the comment below this post.





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