Best useful trick: How Alexa can help you find your misplaced smartphone

The technology behind Amazon Alexa, often known as Alexa, is largely based on the Polish voice synthesiser Ivona, which Amazon purchased in 2013.

The advantages of installing a smart house include the ability to automate lighting, schedule geysers, operate from a distance, and more. The capability to locate your lost smartphone inside of your home is one aspect that is likely overlooked.

Now, losing smartphones is nothing new, and it still occurs occasionally. Sometimes we unintentionally leave it in a cabinet or it goes between the couch cushions. You may now ring your smartphone thanks to choices. However, there are numerous procedures needed, like logging in, gaining access to a PC or other device, etc.

What if we told you that using a voice command is the most straightforward way to accomplish this and that? But first, you’ll need to make a brief setup. Utilize our detailed instructions:

Configure Alexa Calling

You must enable the Alexa Calling feature in order for Alexa to be able to locate your lost phone. Take these actions:

  • Launch the Alexa application on your phone.
  • At the bottom of the menu, select the Conversations tab.
  • Now, adhere to the directions on the screen to activate Alexa Calling.


How to use Alexa to locate a lost phone

Finding a lost phone is a reasonably easy process once Alexa Calling is set and prepared.

You only need to ask an Alexa-enabled smart display or speaker to call or locate your phone. Alexa will ring your device if Alexa Calling is enabled.

Simply ensure that the Alexa app is set up and connected to the same account as the device at home.
Some voice command you can try:

  • Alexa! Find my phone
  • Alexa! Call my phone
  • Alexa! Ring my phone

Things to remember

You must create an Alexa Voice profile if your device is linked to several accounts.

As a result, Alexa will be able to identify your voice and ring the appropriate smartphone. Additionally, the phone cannot be on quiet. Additionally, regardless of whether the phone is lost or misplaced, the functionality continues to function until and unless it is turned on and linked to the internet.

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