For the average user, MacBook provides the complete experience.

Despite the fact that MacBook prices are high, many people choose to purchase them

Although they have similar configurations, MacBook prices are frequently higher than Windows laptop models, but they are still trusted around the world.

There are many words to describe the benefits of Apple’s laptop model, but no one can say “cheap” when it comes to the price of the MacBook. However, many people are still willing to spend money not only for the brand name, but also for the experience that the product can provide.

MacOS experience that is seamless

For the average user, MacBook provides the complete experience.
For the average user, MacBook provides the complete experience.

MacOS, like all operating systems today, is not perfect, but it still provides a good experience when compared to the competition, thanks to its security, dependability, and user-friendly interface.

Friendly and simple to get used to. While there aren’t as many third-party applications for macOS as there are for the Windows platform, the platform itself has many useful features that can be used to replace external programs.

Developers also bring important software that is sufficient to meet the majority of today’s computer-required business needs.

Apple’s security capabilities are also impressive, and it’s not surprising that the majority of macOS users don’t install any additional anti-virus software on their devices. Users can control the data access rights of each application through the system.

The fact that Apple produces both hardware and software to ensure high compatibility and continuous program optimization is one of the brand’s major benefits. In contrast, the hardware components for the same Windows operating system come from too many different manufacturers and are not equivalent. There is a plan to install Hackintosh on an original Windows-based computer in the market to experience macOS, however there are many restrictions and low hardware compatibility with the operating system.

High reliability

Users won’t have a hard time locating MacBook or Mac Mini models from 2012 or 2014 that are still in use and functional for essential needs in 2022.

These devices come with 128 GB and 256 GB hard drives with only 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM when they are first released. It is exceedingly challenging for a Windows-based computer to continue functioning steadily after ten years.

Aside from the high reliability because the risk of getting viruses or malware is extremely low, the quality of the hardware itself demonstrates how much an expensive MacBook at the time of purchase will be worth if users decide to stick with it.

Long-term relationship with the machine After ten years, the machines will no longer be supported for updating to the most recent OS (operating system), but this should not cause users too much trouble in daily use.

For a long time, we have supported software updates.

Similarly to the iPhone, Apple has long supported macOS updates on its computer line (for free).

Statistics show that a 2012 MacBook Pro can be upgraded to the operating system for up to 7 years in a row, which equates to 7 major OS versions (excluding minor updates).

Some models may no longer support the upgrade, but Apple will continue to release minor updates, primarily to address security flaws and improve stability. When Apple issues “apple defect” notices to stop updating, it still releases security patches if necessary a few years later.

Furthermore, the macOS software developer community still creates patches for versions that are no longer supported on models with outdated hardware on occasion.

It is always easy to resell

The cost of purchasing a new MacBook is always high, but the resale price is also high, particularly when compared to Windows laptops.

Apple hardware devices typically last a long time (due to quality and dependability), and another reason is that more people would rather own a computer with a missing Apple logo than a product from the manufacturer (using Windows).

Even if Apple classifies a device as “antique,” it retains value in the used market. Users are so taken with this line of computers that Apple’s own “Renovation Old Autumn” program is almost completely ignored. They instead sell to others for a higher price.

Expensive does not imply “low price.”

Users first think of a MacBook as “expensive,” because for the same price, they can choose a Windows laptop with a much higher configuration, or save tens of millions of dong by purchasing the same configuration as the computer.

Calculator by Apple That superiority is only apparent during the initial stages of use, but “the long way to know the horse is good.”

Apple's device ecosystem contributes to user retention.
Apple’s device ecosystem contributes to user retention.

For example, thanks to Apple’s hardware optimization, a MacBook Air M1 that costs more than $US1000 (basic model) can now meet all of the basic user’s computer needs while still ensuring smooth operation. Utilizing software Furthermore, no competitor running Windows at the same price can match the device’s battery life.

With a long “history” of software support as well as stable usability for many years, the price of $US1200 spent now for a basic model will be reasonable after all factors are considered. when serving demand, depreciation factor.

The Apple Ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem is a significant factor in why many people continue to use its products.

If the user has an iPhone, a MacBook will be more appropriate than a Windows computer (unless required to use Microsoft’s platform for work or special needs).

Apple has always been known for its ability to provide a unified experience across its ecosystem of devices.

Users can easily find many features that are not possible without using the same ecosystem: Not only are the apps similar and sync on the same iCloud (Apple’s own management account), but users can easily find many features that are not possible without using the same ecosystem: wallets.

Despite the fact that MacBook prices are high, many people choose to purchase them
Despite the fact that MacBook prices are high, many people choose to purchase them

For example, you can copy (copy) something on one machine and paste (paste) it on another, or you can take a picture from your iPhone and use it on your MacBook without having to transfer any data…

On the MacBook, you can also send and receive iMessages and FaceTime calls without having to turn on your iPhone…

If you have an Apple Watch, the MacBook will automatically unlock when the lid is opened, and many of the same features have become “branded” with Apple. In general, all devices in the same Apple ecosystem will function as a single machine and share features.



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