Advantages Of Fire Protection Systems With Iot Technology

Before the reality, the fire alarm system in factories was mainly attached to the central cabinet in the protection room, leading to fire alarm monitoring and monitoring that could not be automatic and continuous. If the security guard is absent, or there is no one on duty, when a fire occurs, it will not be handled promptly. Therefore, people invented the application of fire prevention and fighting with IOT technology. If you are interested, let’s learn about this technology.

Advantages of fire protection systems with IOT technology

Working principle of the system

– With this application, the phone of the user and the manager is a smartphone with the alarm software installed. When a fire occurs, the thermal radiation sensor will notify the phone and the screen will accurately locate the problem location through the IoT technology processor.

– When the alarm signal is detected, the software installed on your phone will immediately send alarm information including location and alarm level to the processor (via GPRS/3G/Wifi transmission, Internet and TCP/IP protocols to incident owners and managers so that immediate action can be taken.Alerts will sound continuously until you turn off the warning.

– To connect to the processor, you need to create an account and be confirmed by text message sent to your phone number to register.

– In case when it is confirmed that it is not a fire incident, you can cancel the alarm.

– The sensor device can detect even a very small fire (such as cigarette smoke), the time to detect the fire at a young age is less than 10s, can detect the abnormally high temperature area (higher than the normal threshold, up to 10 seconds/day).

Advantages Of Fire Protection Systems With Iot Technology
Fire Protection Systems

Of Fire Protection Systems With Iot Technology

Working principle of fire protection system by IOT . technology

The outstanding features of the IOT system

When there is a fire incident, the fire alarm system is activated and the exact location of the incident occurs on the map. Thanks to that, the supervisor or the fire prevention and fighting agency has a plan to handle it promptly and quickly.

– The system can automatically monitor continuously 24/7

– When there is internet or mobile network, users can receive alarm signals quickly anywhere by phone or laptop.

In addition, the system also has an automatic live recording feature at the incident location, helping the supervisor know the level of danger for appropriate handling, which can eliminate location confusion. .

In addition, the system also reminds and informs equipment maintenance schedule, monitoring fire protection pipeline pressure …

– Fire protection system with IOT technology is easy to install, simple to use, can be installed new or integrated with the old system, suitable for all types of constructions such as apartments, houses, factories. Export, factory…

IoT technology allows data exchange between people

– An IoT system that allows firefighters to know the location of a smoke detector, a heat detector that sends a signal, or a water flow switch that is being activated.

– IoT technology will make fire protection systems in commercial buildings work together as control lights, thermostats and audio/video (AV) equipment in a home. A mobile app with sensor data can provide visibility into emergency systems and how to control specific locations in a building.

Devices in the fire alarm system

Fire fighters center

Including central cabinet, control center, Control Panel. These are the most important devices in the system, determining the quality of the system.

Input devices

The input device is very sensitive to the phenomena of combustion such as smoke, heat rise, glow, ignition. The main task of the input device is to receive information where the fire occurs, and then transmit the signal to the fire alarm center.

Fire alarm output device

The fire alarm panel will transmit to the output device. The device will receive the signal from. The output device has the feature of transmitting information by sound (such as bells, whistles), by light signals (lights). This helps people know where a fire is happening.

With the preeminent features of the fire protection system by IOT technology, people is gradually making the fire alarm system of the units become more and more modern and intelligent. With us, customers will receive absolute satisfaction. Entrust us to have the best fire protection system.


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