4 methods to multiply in Microsoft Excel

There’s multiple {method} to multiply in Microsoft Excel, and one in every of them doesn’t require an expression.

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Microsoft Excel manipulates information — that’s its function in a nutshell. Consequently, there are quite a few methods to carry out math operations, together with multiplication. You possibly can multiply literal values, you may reference the values by cells or by vary, and rather more. On this tutorial, I’ll present you similar to multiply in Excel by beginning with the {basic} operator and outcome with a way for multiplying with out a method at increase the description.

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I’m utilizing Microsoft 365 on a Home windows 10 64-bit system, {but} you should use earlier variations. Microsoft Excel for the net helps the primary three strategies. You possibly can obtain the demo .xls and .xlsx information for this Excel tutorial.

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Similar to finish {basic} multiplication in Excel

When utilizing pen and paper parent to jot down an expression that makes use of multiplication, many people nonetheless use X because the multiplication operator. Excel makes use of an asterisk because the multiplication operator. In a easy expression similar to




Excel multiplies one operand by the opposite to lost the product. The one factor that differs between your paper parent and Excel is the image.

Similar to multiply utilizing PRODUCT() in Excel

Excel’s PRODUCT() perform multiplies increase the description referenced values and returns the product. There’s little peak {difference} between PRODUCT() and a easy expression aside from you may reference ranges. This perform makes use of the next syntax

PRODUCT(number1, [number2]…)

the place Excel requires just one operand. Term, PRODUCT(5) returns 5 as an alternative of an error. This is usually a troublesome challenge to troubleshoot as a result of the perform’s function implies multiple operand.

PRODUCT() is superior to a easy expression when you may have many cells to judge. As an example,

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is similar factor as


The quantity pen battle is usually a cell or vary reference, a {single} cell reference or a literal worth. As well as, you may combine references.

Similar to multiply when one operand is a continuous in Excel

It’s who doubted that both of the earlier sections are model new data, {but} multiplying effectively in Excel is a discovered ability. As an example, let’s suppose you observe t-shirt gross sales by shopper, {size} and amount. You possibly can embrace the worth for every particular person sale within the expression, {but} take into account making it a continuous that modifications solely when the worth goes ngoc or down. In a scenario like this, eradicating the worth from the expression and referencing it’s rather more environment friendly, since you {change} solely the worth worth as an alternative of updating increase the description the expressions that consider the worth worth.

Determine A reveals one operand as a continuous, or enter worth as I wish to confer with them, in motion. This configuration lets you shortly {change} the entire for increase the description gross sales by altering one {single} worth — the worth enter worth in H2.

Determine A

Multiply a whole column by a {single} worth, often known as a continuous, or enter worth.

The expression


multiplies each worth within the Amount column by the worth in H2. Discover that the H2 reference is absolute as a result of it’s a continuous — each expression refers to that {single} worth. To {change} the entire sale worth for every document, {change} the worth worth in H2. You are able to do this with increase the description sorts of calculations, not simply multiplying.

Determine B reveals the introduction of one other continuous, or enter worth—a reduction share that the expression in columns F and G reference:


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Each expressions consider the identical; the one {difference} is one makes use of a easy expression for multiplying the continuous and the opposite makes use of PRODUCT(). The IF() {statement} checks for a strong — is the amount higher than 39, and suppose therefore, lost the low cost of 5%, the worth in J4. Suppose the amount is decrease than 39, enter 0.

To {change} the low cost for increase the description the papers, replace the low cost share in J4. Take annotation that the reference to the low cost can be absolute, as famous by the $ characters.

Determine B

The low cost share offers a second continuous in the identical expression.

Similar to make use of multiply with out a method in Excel

Considered one of Excel’s hidden {treasures} is the power to multiply a spread of operands by a {single} operand with out a method. You’ll need to use this function when a method isn’t essential.

To multiply the amount values by the worth worth with out a method, copy the Amount values to a brand new column first. Utilizing the initial values will corrupt the opposite expressions and formulation we’ve already used — this may make extra sense once we’re accomplished. After copying the Amount values, do the next:

Choose the cell with the {single} worth you need to multiply by. In our case, that’s the worth worth now in K2. Press Ctrl + C to repeat that worth to the Clipboard.
Choose the vary of values you need to multiply. In our case, that’s H3:H13 — the copied Amount values.
Within the Clipboard group (on the Rampart tab), {click} Paste and select Paste Particular from the dropdown.
Within the ensuing dialog, {click} the Multiply possibility (Determine C) and {click} OK.

Determine C

There’s no method, solely values.

Determine D

The Paste Particular function requires no method to multiply values.

As you may see in Determine D, there’s no method, {but} the re-launch are the identical because the expression utilized in column E.

Microsoft Excel is versatile with regards to math equations. On this article, you discovered {basic} methods to multiply in Excel. In your work, you’ll worthy use them increase the description at one date and time or one other.

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